Namibia Protection Services (Pty) Ltd

Business Overview

Namibia Protection Services, with its Head Office in Windhoek, was founded in 1989 by the SWAPO leadership on their return to the country. The Company was later transferred to Kalahari Holdings in order to manage it as an independent entity.

The Company was mainly established to assist ex-PLAN fighters in job creation which remains a priority for the Company. Throughout the Company’s history, fair labour practices have governed its growth, and to this extent our good standing with our union partners and the Namibian Equity Commissioner can be evidenced as a testimonial.

During 1994, a joint venture between Springbok South Africa and Kalahari Holdings was established in order to create more opportunities locally and in the corporate business sector for South African based companies in Namibia.

In 2012, after meticulous negotiations and well planned future business opportunities, the Namibian shareholders decided to acquire the South African shares and therefore assure a purely Namibian based company called Namibia Protection Services (Pty) Ltd. This process was finalized with SWAPO in 2017 through Kalahari Holdings acquiring 100% ownership.

In this regard, 21 fairly representative departmental managers direct Namibia Protection Services from the Company head office in Windhoek. NPS organizes and controls security activities in 14 branches, which are located throughout the country.