Since its establishment the company has made considerable investments in sustainable development projects within the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, which have yielded consistently positive returns. The impact of such investments has made a significant difference in the lives of the Namibian people.

In addition to the economic benefits to the nation, social benefits in terms of employment creation and the alleviation of poverty are perceptible and remain high on our agenda. The company has, moreover, met its responsibility of creating value to its shareholders, and in this respect has excelled with exceptional dividends declared.

Kalahari Holdings has earned an excellent reputation by applying sound leadership principles, good corporate governance practices, efficient business processes, and the provision of quality products and services. The Group has grown from a medium-sized company to a large corporation, with an estimated current asset base of over N$400 million. Profits are constantly re-invested into the company’s growth and used in various development and expansionary programmes thereby further maximising profits. Part of the company’s earnings is used to finance its subsidiaries and other related entities.

This form of financing is required as part of risk diversification and careful planning is required for realising overall returns for the company, its subsidiaries and related parties. Over the past 30 years Kalahari Holdings has, together with its subsidiaries and joint ventures, grown its employee base to more than 3 300 permanent employees and in addition utilises the services of seasonal and casual workers when required.

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